Project Summary

Hong Kong in recent years has experienced a dramatic decline in its press freedom that has taken the form of increased self-censorship by the mainstream media, reduced government transparency, and a surge of violence against journalists. This poses a major problem to Hong Kong residents as they rely on uncensored information to maintain control of their freedoms and to hold the government accountable.As access to pluralistic information is vital to democracy, this project aims to provide support to Hong Kong’s media outlets and independent journalists by empowering their capacity on physical and digital security.


  1. Strengthening professional journalists in digital and physical security. Enhancing the capacity of professional journalists in digital and physical security as they are most exposed to violence and often lack training on these topics. 
  1. Strengthening citizen journalists’ professional skills. Enhancing citizen journalists’ professional and ethical knowledge will allow them to become a better auxiliary for the independent media, whilst also protecting the credibility of the information they collect. Through the online training, citizen journalists will increase their professionalism, bringing more credibility to the reporting they share with independent media. 

Extra Details

For pedagogical reasons, a maximum of 15-25 participants are allowed in each training. The planning team reserves the right to select participants according to their profile and needs. Once the online registration form has been completed, an email will be sent to you detailing whether you have been selected to attend the training. If you cannot attend the session you registered for, there will be training sessions in the next few months which you will be informed about.

To learn more about the upcoming training sessions and for the registration form, please email us at