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Reporters Without Borders’ (RSF) website “Resource for Journalists’ Safety” is now available in Ukrainian in addition to English and Chinese.

“RSF Resource for Journalists’ Safety” is a multi-language platform that provides journalists with content about digital security, physical safety and mental health, but also reporting advice and scholarship opportunities. Originally created in 2021 to support China-based journalists and available in English and Chinese, the platform has broadened its scope and content to display pragmatic advice to any reporter in the world with a particular focus on journalists reporting in authoritarian regimes. 

Against the backdrop of the current Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, where journalists and media outlets are particularly at risk, it is essential that reporters have access to concrete information on how to better protect themselves and their sources while reporting on the field. Accordingly, RSF’s platform content is now available in Ukrainian. The website also contains the Ukrainian version of RSF’s safety guide, a handbook produced in partnership with UNESCO that gives practical advice to reporters covering high-risk areas.