Physical health

Physical, emotional and digital protection while using home as office in times of COVID-19 – Frontline Defenders.

Tips for Journalists Covering COVID-19 – Global Investigative Journalism Network. This article provides tips on responsible reporting and safety for journalists covering Covid-19.

A guide to taking care of yourself and your newsroom in times of coronavirusNieman Journalism Lab.

CPJ Safety Advisory: Covering the coronavirus pandemic – CPJ. An article providing advice and safety toolkit for journalists covering the outbreak.

Mental health during Covid-19

How journalists can fight stress from covering the coronavirus – Poynter.  Senior faculty Al Tompkins has identified 9 ways in which journalists can fight stress from covering coronavirus.

The psychological toll of coronavirus coverage – The Columbia Journalism Review. This article consults experts on the psychological toll of coronavirus coverage.

How to stay sane while reporting on the coronarivus – First Draft News. An article providing advice on how to maintain one’s mental health while reporting on the coronavirus.

On working remotely

How journalists can work from home securely – Freedom of the Press Foundation.

How to Work From Home Without Losing Your Mind – Wellness and productivity health article giving tips about working at home from distance.

Remote Work and Personal Safety – Tor Project. List of apps that can be useful to protecting privacy (Riseup, Tor browser, Go duck, Signal, Jitsi Meet, Onion share, sharerisup). 

Community Resources for COVID-19 – Internet Freedom Festival.