Reporting during Covid-19

  • Physical Health

Physical, emotional and digital protection while using home as office in times of COVID-19 – Frontline Defenders.

Responsible reporting and safety for journalists covering Covid-19 – Global Investigative Journalism Network.

Guide for journalists on how to keep themselves and their newsrooms safe – Nieman Journalism Lab.

Advice and safety toolkit for journalists covering the outbreak – CPJ

  • Mental Health during COVID-19

Poynter has identified 9 ways in which journalists can fight stress from covering coronavirus.

The Columbia Journalism reviews consults experts on the psychological toll of coronavirus coverage.

First Draft News provides advice on how to maintain one’s mental health while reporting on the coronavirus.

  • On working remotely

How journalists can work from home securely – Freedom of the Press Foundation.

How to Work From Home Without Losing Your Mind – Wellness and productivity health article giving tips about working at home from distance.

Remote Work and Personal Safety – Tor Project. List of apps that can be useful to protecting privacy (Riseup, Tor browser, Go duck, Signal, Jitsi Meet, Onion share, sharerisup). 

Community Resources for COVID19 – Internet Freedom Festival.