Digital Security

Digital Safety Kit – CPJ

Preserving Truth to Power, a guide by OpenArchive which provides ethical and safety tips for citizen reporters and human rights defenders storing sensitive mobile media.

Online Harassment

Online Harassment – Troll Busters. Infographic showing how to deal with website attacks, being impersonated or doxed, or what to do if threats escalate. 

Online Harassment – Pen America. A field manual on the preparation, response, legal and support systems that are useful to journalists. 

Online Harassment – CPJ. Specific to psychological safety and mental health, this article outlines pre-emptive and immediate steps on how to protect yourself. 

Dealing with trolls – The Guardian. A step-by-step guide on how to deal with internet attackers.

Trolling and Doxing – RockPerry Trust

Online trolls shouldn’t be allowed to intimidate journalists. Statistics of online harassment and journalists and how they specifically target as well as ways to deal with them.

Online violence towards women – IJN.