Basic Preparedness

Basic bulleted advice on assignment preparation – CPJ. Information on solo reporting and the necessary preparations needed for before and during fieldwork. 

Security Assessment form – CPJ. A checklist to aid in the knowledge and preparation of assessing the security of a situation. 

Guide to completing a Checklist – Rorypeck Trust.

Checklist template – Rorypeck Trust.

Editors’ Checklist – CPJ. A checklist enables commissioners and editors to understand how well prepared journalists and other media workers are as they cover U.S. protests over police violence.

Safety Advisory – CPJ.

List of insurance providers for journalists – Details of insurance policy recommendations for journalists, local media, RSF and IFJ by ACOS Alliance. 

Shield laws – that protect journalists but not citizen journalists.

International humanitarian law – ICRC. A set of answers to questions asked about journalists protection by the International Committee of the Red Cross. 

A Declaration of the rights and duties of journalists – RJI. Statements on the rights of journalists.